QuickBooks attachments: tips and tricks

Why use attachments? Attach receipts to expenses or checks made at restaurants, hardware stores, etc. Quickbooks training Accounting and Bookkeeping services Attach contracts, pictures, and drawings to estimates or invoices. Attach bills to bill payments and/or checks and expense forms. That way, you or your accountant have instant access to source documents at tax time. How to upload attachments The Attachments page. This is convenient when you just want to upload a batch of attachments and link them to particular transactions later. Individual transaction forms. You can upload and link attachments while you’re entering a new transaction, for example, an invoice, estimate, or expense. The bank feeds page. This is handy when you want to attach files to bank transactions as you add them to QuickBooks. The register. If you’re a register power user, this is for you! Upload attachments on the Attachments page Go to the QuickBooks Attachments page: Gear >